Lukas Gawenda | Filmmaker & Photographer

Lukas Gawenda | Photographer & Filmmaker

Lukas Gawenda is a German filmmaker, photographer and communication specialist. His work focuses on archaic wilderness, where he finds abstract forms and seemingly surreal colours that illuminate the wonder of our world.

His mission: to document and artistically interpret the beauty of nature – but also to draw attention to how fragile, unique, worthy of appreciation and protection our earth is.

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His pictures are internationally known through

  • publications in books and magazines (e.g. National Geographic, GEO),
  • exhibitions in numerous countries (e.g. USA, New Zealand, Chile),
  • awards he has received already in his youth, e.g. as Young Photography Master from the German Association for Photography, at the international nature photography contest Glanzlichter and many other renowned competitions.

In addition, his photographs can be found as high-quality fine art prints and on websites (e.g. BBC News, New Scientist, Nature, TIME, The Guardian) around the world.

Lukas Gawenda | Nature Photographer & Filmmaker

Anyone can pick up a camera, but not everyone possesses the artful vision to use it to craft a powerful story – and this is where Lukas shines. His technical acuity, fierce intellect and boundless creativity enable him to create media that not only informs, but in fact, inspires.

Dr. Gianna Savoie – Director of Filmmaking, Centre for Science Communication, University of Otago, New Zealand


  • Postgraduate Diploma in Science Communication
    (specialising in Science and Natural History Filmmaking)
    University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
  • Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia and Communication
    (specialising in Film and TV Journalism)
    Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Lukas Gawenda

Panta Rhei is one of Lukas Gawenda’s most creative and artistically sophisticated films to date. In this experimental photo-film, Icelandic landscape photographs of the four elements water, fire, earth and air merge into photo sequences through artistic cross-fades. The film opens a space for contemplation and encourages the audience to actively watch a “time-lapse in slow motion”.

You are invited to watch Panta Rhei and other selected films via the playlist below:

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You can find more information in his references, filmography and on LinkedIn.