As Lukas’s camera tutor I have had the pleasure of watching him mature into a very hard working and creative cameraman. His skill behind the camera is complemented by his ability to work either alone or within a team situation. I also greatly admired his ethics when it came to respecting the wildlife he was working with. I know Lukas to be honest, punctual and trustworthy and would highly recommend him and his ability to work in any genre of filmmaking.

Robert Brown – Camera Techniques Professional Practice Fellow, Centre for Science Communication, University of Otago, New Zealand. Robert Brown has worked for the BBC Natural History Unit, where he was considered one of the world’s finest cameramen specializing in animal behavior.

Anyone can pick up a camera, but not everyone possesses the artful vision to use it to craft a powerful story – and this is where Lukas shines. His technical acuity, fierce intellect and boundless creativity enable him to create media that not only informs, but in fact, inspires.
His aptitude for thinking outside the box keeps him deeply invested in the future, while his desire to use the art of filmmaking as a tool for better understanding our world will enable him to reach a broad audience and create a profound impact.
Production work can be intensely stressful as the constant creative and intellectual demands of the job mean juggling multiple projects, working under tight deadlines and managing a broad spectrum of personalities and egos. It requires a skill-set that combines organization and innovation, the ability to be focused, yet flexible – and perhaps most importantly, rock-solid interpersonal skills. Not only are Lukas’ talents multifaceted, but he embraces every challenge set before him with a robust sense of exploration, professionalism and grace. His passion is infused in every aspect of his work.

Dr. Gianna Savoie – Director of Filmmaking, Centre for Science Communication, University of Otago, New Zealand

I worked in TV for many decades – I would have been very happy to have Lukas in any of my production teams. He is a good person and a hard worker. He has the potential to do remarkable things in the world of filmmaking, and I commend him to you very warmly.

Neil Harraway – Professional Practice Fellow, Centre for Science Communication, University of Otago, New Zealand

I consider Mr. Gawenda an extremely talented and creative student, who has always participated artfully in the discussions held in class. His strengths also include a high degree of empathy, which he has repeatedly demonstrated during the so-called “peer reviews” of the film scripts.

His bachelor film “Panta Rhei” convinces not only through the extraordinary quality of his photographs, but also captivates through the thinking process behind the concept and its high production-value. This production confirms the student’s great visual talents and above all also highlights his empathy he feels towards his surroundings. In the work of Mr. Gawenda, the viewer can see and feel the emotions of the creator about our environment. The results he obtained in my modules were in the top results of the year. His thesis film shows the work of a very talented visual artist.

Prof. Martin FeldmannAnsbach University of Applied Sciences, Germany

I have observed many examples of Lukas’s academic capabilities and other talents during his studies, especially concerning photography and TV journalism. Under my supervision he successfully completed various films and video podcasts in the field of public relations/commercials and outdoor-TV.
Lukas was awarded several renowned prizes in photography for shooting spectacular landscape and wildlife impressions before gaining further experience in the field of “moving pictures” at our university. In the time that I have known him, I was very impressed by his dedication to any endeavor he took part in. I would rank him as among one of my best students.

Prof. Renate HermannAnsbach University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Lukas Gawenda has shown in the 10 years of his work on the photo tours that he can impart his excellent knowledge in the field of photography and nature filming to the participants in an excellent way even under difficult conditions in the wilderness as assistant to the tour guide.
His communication skills and sense of humor are an enrichment for working with groups. We are sure that he has a very special ability to touch people emotionally with his photographs and films, to arouse interest in nature and to motivate them to treat nature in a sensitive and respectful way. We can recommend him with full conviction as an employee in film and photographic communication. Besides his great expertise, he also brings a lot of idealism, passion and enthusiasm for nature, which he also radiates to other people.

Hörður Erlingsson – Managing Director, Erlingsson Naturreisen, Iceland

For excellent photographic achievements we award Lukas Gawenda the title of Young Master Photographer.

Jochen PreußGerman Association for Photography, Germany